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USB2DMX PRO Pack 400

  • Simple installation

      Incl. CD software pack
  • USB powered

      Power supply via USB
  • 512 DMX channels

      Without limitation
  • 3 years warranty

      Premium Support
  • 3 pin Neutrik XLR socket

      No adapter needed

  • Windows

      All versions 7/8/10
  • MAC OS X

      All versions from 10.4
  • Red power LED

      in the USB connector

  • Ultra compact
  • USB1.1/2.0/3.0
  • Made in Germany
  • Developed in Germany
  • Fast USB driver


  • Professional DMX software

    Many users worldwide
    Extensive possibilities

  • Android DMX controller app

    The OSRAM DMX WLAN controller application is an implementation of the DMX protocol with ArtNet II UDP unicast mode. Up to 512 participants and 16 universes can be controlled with this application.

  • The Smart Lighting Control App

    StageLight is a professional iPad app for controlling stage lights.

  • Android DMX controller app

    This is an app for testing and trying out the ArtNet protocol. But can also be used to play a simple show if your main controller is broken or you've forgotten it ;-)

  • DJ light control software

    with 24 faders and BPM counter

  • Software for theater and live music

    Lighting automation in real time

  • Lighting Without Limits

    Eone of the leading software-based lighting control systems.

  • Simple DMX fader console

    designed for conventional theater lighting.

  • Simple DMX fader console

    This software is designed for conventional theater lighting.



USB2DMX interface

What's the difference between the USB2DMX PRO and OPTO?


  • Galvanic separation.
    The USB port is completely disconnected from the DMX circuit.
  • Blue LED in the XLR connector.
    Signals that the galvanic separation is active.
  • Red LED in the XLR connector.
    Lit when DMX signals are output.
The interface comparison in tables form


Can I use the Sunlight software?

NoSunlight software does not support the Open DMX protocol.


macOS Helper instructions

Ab macOS 10.9 is factory-installed by Apple Driver "locking out" ie the required driver is installed but can not be used.
The macOS Helper fixes this condition until Apple fixes this problem in a newer operating system version.


 Note!  The USB2DMX® interface is not yet plugged in to the USB port.

Start the macOS helper

  macOS Helper 1

macOS Helper 2

→ Open With → Installer


macOS Helper 3



macOS Helper 4



macOS Helper 5

Give her macOS User password one. → Install software


macOS Helper 6

 Info  Wait for the installation to finish. This can take 1-2 minutes.


 macOS Helper 7

The installation has been completed successfully → Close


 Note!  Be sure to reboot for the changes to take effect.

macOS Helper 8

Apple → Restart


The macOS USB driver is now unlocked.

The USB2DMX interface can now be connected to the USB port.

Windows USB driver installation

Installation Guide

Note!  Run the installation file as an administrator.


Start installation as admin

 → Right mouse button → Run as administrator   


Windows Install Extract

→ Extract


Windows Install Welcome

→ Next


 Windows Install License

→ I agree to the license agreement → Next


 Windows Install Done

→ Finish


The USB driver is now installed and ready for use.

The USB2DMX interface can now be plugged in.