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macOS Helper instructions

Ab macOS 10.9 is factory-installed by Apple Driver "locking out" ie the required driver is installed but can not be used.
The macOS Helper fixes this condition until Apple fixes this problem in a newer operating system version.


 Note!  The USB2DMX® interface is not yet plugged in to the USB port.

Start the macOS helper

  macOS Helper 1

macOS Helper 2

→ Open With → Installer


macOS Helper 3



macOS Helper 4



macOS Helper 5

Give her macOS User password one. → Install software


macOS Helper 6

 Info  Wait for the installation to finish. This can take 1-2 minutes.


 macOS Helper 7

The installation has been completed successfully → Close


 Note!  Be sure to reboot for the changes to take effect.

macOS Helper 8

Apple → Restart


The macOS USB driver is now unlocked.

The USB2DMX interface can now be connected to the USB port.