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Connect AIR2DMX with WLAN router (router mode)

Register AIR2DMX on the WIFI router

Connect the AIR2DMX interface to the power supply.

The power LED lights up Orange / WIFI LED flashes blue.

Connect a WLAN end device (laptop / smartphone / tablet) to the AIR2DMX interface.

Enable you WiFi on your end device

Select the JMS_AIR2DMX_xxxxxx Interface in the WLAN menu and click on Connect.

Enter the AIR2DMX WLAN password of the interface.
The AIR2DMX password can be found on the housing of the AIR2DMX interface.

WIFI LED lights up continuously blue.

Open one Web browser and give the address .
The AIR2DMX setup page opens.

JMS AIR2DMX node settings Router mode

  1. Enter the SSID (Name of the WLAN) of your WIFI router.
  2. Give that WLAN password Your WIFI router.
  3. Deactivate You the Stand alone mode (No tick in the checkbox)
  4. click Save & Restart Node

The WIFI LED flashes green (The interface tries to log into the router)

After 2-6 seconds the WIFI LED lights up permanently green. (The interface has successfully registered)

The JMS AIR2DMX WLAN interface is now connected to your router.
After switching on the AIR2DMX interface connects it yourself now Automatically with the WLAN router.

Note!  Should the WIFI LED after 30 seconds flashing red quickly the WLAN password or SSID was entered incorrectly.
In this case, check the entry and pay attention to Large and lower case as well as underscores / hyphens and spaces.
avoid special character.
Don't use that Password manager or AutoFill, these functions can unintentionally set wrong passwords.

As long as the WIFI LED flashes red quickly you can reconnect to the AIR2DMX interface via your WLAN end device and make the necessary setup corrections.